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For books:

Healing Intelligence: The Spirit in Psychotherapy. Working with Darkness and Light. 

Free world-wide delivery at:

The Sower and the Seed: Reflections on the Development of Consciousness.

Free world-wide delivery at:

Alan Mulhern is a Jungian therapist originally trained in philosophy and economics with a broad base in the social sciences.

He is married with four children and currently lives and practices in London. When younger he had his own business in Venezuela. He worked in academia for many years teaching economics in which he has a doctorate.


He has written two  books which inform the contents of this website: one on Healing Intelligence which underlies his psychotherapy practice; the other, The Sower and the Seed, is a mytho-poetic statement of belief and is the platform for the Quest Series which examines a series of visionaries from across the ages up to our own times. It's aim is to encourage participants to develop their own vision both for their inner life and for the collective crisis of the age we live in.



Alan Mulhern London Psychotherapist

Accordingly, this web site is divided in three sections. Firstly, psychotherapy, secondly, information on the Quest Series, thirdly, a series of talks that begin by exploring: 1. the global historical development that has led to the contemporary collective world crisis; and 2. the potential scenarios in front of humanity.

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