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Podcasts. See link

Season One (S1) - Psychotherapy: Jungian Approach to Healing.


Season Two (S2)- The Quest. With special focus on the evolving crises of the 21st century.

Season Three (S3) - En Español: la Psicología Junguiana y la Crisis de Nuestro Tiempo

The podcasts started in August 2018. S1 finished in Jan 2019.

Its subject:  how healing works in therapy.

S2 began in Feb 2019 and is the majority of the podcasts. Episodes are published every three weeks, They cover a wide range of themes but have particular focus on the crisis of our times.

S3 started in May 2020 and is in Spanish. Its main focus is the work of Carl Jung 

The episode S2 Ep81 The Turning of the Year ends with a song from Mark Dunn and the Bringers of Change whose music can be found on Spotify and other digital platforms and can be purchased in CD format from Falling A records. See:
Mark Dunn can be contacted by email at
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