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                                                     100 day meditation program

                                 Following the text of the Secret of the Golden Flower 

                                                                                Starts: Tuesday 2nd of  January 2024

                                                                                            Director Alan Mulhern

The Secret of the Golden flower Meditation Programme is starting again on  02/01/2024.  It is prudent to find a source of calm and inner strength in the current world crises. 

 Our usual format is to do half an hour every morning at 7am (times may vary depending on individuals), give up some of our addictions, and study the text of the Secret of the Golden Flower (SGF) which had a deep impact on Carl Jung. I send out each week part of my summary of the text plus a few reflections, but the main work will be done in individual meditation and study.  There will be a few zoom sessions to help the process. We follow the recommendation of the text and do it for 100 days. We seek the circulation of the light and the Secret of the Golden Flower!


For those who have no meditation experience there is no need to think this is not for you. The SGF is very inclusive of people with different ranges of experience.  Perhaps you could pass this email  onto others whom you feel could benefit. Please contact me by email ( if you wish to particpate in this programme. For those who have tried it already this time may be different given the changed circumstances. A full sumary of the SGF will be provided but you are encouraged to obtain your own copy (Wilhelm translation and Foreward and Commentary by Jung).

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