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The Quest Special Meeting

The Crises of Our Time

March 28th 2020 2-3.30pm

Alan Mulhern PhD


The world is accelerating into a multi-dimensional crisis which will, I argue, deeply change the way we live. On the immediate horizon is a pandemic and in its wings an economic and financial calamity. Beyond that we have increasing political division and military threat. Serious climate change is upon us. The gods roar their warning but who is listening?


Political commentators, journalists, news commentators and economists dominate the discussion on these matters but very few point to its origins, contemplate its seriousness, or consider its meaning. This is the end of an age, a threat to civilization and may well unfold into a crisis that dwarfs all others. And yes, it does have meaning. So what have depth psychologists to say of this?


This meeting will present and explore:

The lead-up to this crisis which is a catalogue of error, greed and narcissism.

The 8 dimensions of the crises of the 21st century.

How the corona virus is a trigger that will implode the vast bubble that has built up since 2008.

The stages of the economic and financial collapse in front of us.

Its meaning as a crisis of civilization.


Places, at £25, are limited. To reserve, please contact Alan Mulhern at:

A recording of the meeting will be available – contact the above email for details.


Alan Mulhern is a Jungian psychotherapist, author, the founder and director of the Quest Series, and has a PhD in Economics The meeting will take place at:


The Association of Jungian Analysts, 7 Eton Avenue, Flat 3, London NW3.

Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate”. C.G.Jung

Anchor 1

The World in Crisis. The Human Prospect.

Lecture in 4 parts.


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Human Prospect Part 1

The human prospect has been increasingly framed in materialist terms which has produced increased growth and rising standards of living. Yet this has led to the possibility of our extinction.

Human Prospect Part 2

The human prospect in the 19th and 20th centuries was largely formulated by political movements. We examine the reasons for the collapse of civilizations and societies - also the extinction of the human species. Have recent changes in  consciousness fundamentally changed the human prospect at all?

Human Prospect Part 3

An image of the Great Mother is invoked to emphasize the miracle of life on earth. We examine why mankind is potentially destroying all life even its own. Radical changes in every aspect of our societies are envisaged immediately ahead with an evolving world crisis.

Human Prospect Part 4

We contemplate the collapse of societies especially when challenges can no longer be met. A new stage of capitalism and artificial intelligence is emerging. We explore the metaphysical significance of the present human conjuncture.

Visions for the 21st Century. Lecture Series


This series examines the crises of our times and its responding  visions. 

Part 1 Expanding Fields of Knowledge

Expanding fields of knowledge are potentially infinite and the cosmos mirrors our consciousness. Most disciplines are confined to their specialisms and are based on the materialist and modern world view. A branch of Physics, cosmology, is providing the basis for a new creation myth.

Part 2 Expanding Fields of Knowledge

The materialist world view (MWV) is dominant throughout almost all areas of modern knowledge with the alternative world view (AWV) occupying niches. Nevertheless, the AWV is gaining in importance and there is considerable questioning of the MWV. Moreover, as the crises of the 21st century gather apace then its dominance will be questioned. Indeed, the exclusive reliance on the MWV is provoking these crises. New syntheses of these two paradigms are being suggested, for example with Systems Theory.

Part 3 Desert of the Soul.

The movement into the modern world has had not only enormous materialist consequences (economic, social etc.) but has also destroyed the idea of soul. This is of  serious consequence for the contemporary psyche which is essentially without an inner compass. We explore the significance of this void.

Part 4  The Emerging Metaphysics

Despite the desert of the soul we can glimpse a new ethic emerging which does not accept the dominance of the Scientific World View but puts life and consciousness at the centre the cosmos. A renewed ethic becomes possible in the West 

Part 5 The Integrated Human Being

Jungian psychology offers a view of the stages of human consciousness that offer the possibility of a new ethic founded not on an external authority such as God or Church but an inner one based on the Self, the archetype of order and meaning in the psyche.

The next episode will be an audio and will be provided in the coming month. It will be the first in a small series on the evolving economic crises of our times.

 Instead, continuing episodes of Healing Intelligence are now available on the following link: Psychotherapy page.

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