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As well as the study series there is a personal journey encouraged by the Quest Series.


This is optional and has the following components:


Each meeting lasts 3 hours and considerable material is covered. Afterwards, participants are invited to a group meditation session of half an hour after the meeting.

At key points during the programme there is a study of the Taoist meditation text, The Secret of the Golden Flower, and we follow its suggestion for a meditation programme of 100 days. This takes the form of meditation in our homes for ½ hour per day, typically on rising in the morning. Although done individually this takes place simultaneously by members of the Quest Series who chose to do it. By such an experience the search for vision is enhanced and the material of the Quest Series is absorbed more deeply.

A number of live concerts are attended by Quest members, typically with music that complements our themes.

A pilgrimage to Chartres Cathedral for 2-3 days occurs in the third year of the series. It is hoped this may extend to other sacred sites in future Quest Series.

Participants are encouraged to examine their dreams and particularly identify those that are transformative and provide inner vision.

In addition, many Quest members have their own spiritual practice or wish to develop one. Being able to share one's journey with others of similar mind can be most helpful. The Quest encourages such practice.

Thus, by means of the search for deep knowledge in the wisdom traditions plus a commitment to our own spiritual journey, we create fertile ground for the seed of vision to grow.

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